About Me

My name is Waine Junior, I am 20 years old, live in Curitiba, Brazil and currently doing computer engineering at UTFPR.

Currently my main interests in the computational field are HPC (High performance computing) and parallel computatational architectures. I have experience in some other fields as digital image processing, databases, Web development, among others.

Besides that, I like to ride a bike (when I’m not injured), read fantasy books (George R.R. Martin please finish A Song of Ice and Fire) and to listen to a lot of podcasts and music (follow me at LastFM).


The main programming languages and APIs that I use are:

  • C/C++
  • Python
  • OpenCL e CUDA

I have also worked with other languages and frameworks as JavaScript, TypeScript, React and PHP.

Regarding technologies, I have experience in SQL, Git, Linux, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, among others. Besides that, I have some experience in electronics and digital circuits.


I’ve been doing scientific research at CERNN since 2018, working with HPC and parallel computing in GPU applied to CFD (computational fluid dynamics) using LBM (lattice Boltzmann method). During this time, it was developed the open source software LBM Viscoplastic, registered in INPI. Academically, the software produced an article directly, published in CILAMCE, and many others indirectly that the authors used the program for simulation.

I also worked for one year at Vision Viasoft, with Web development and algorithms for image processing with embedded systems.


You can check my projects here.