Viscoplastic LBM

  • Description: Open source project in C/C++ and CUDA to simulate with GPUs hydrodynamic phenomena, using LBM (lattice Boltzmann method). The software was developed at CERNN in a research project with Petrobras, producing several congress presentations and articles in periodicals.

  • Duration: 2018 - currently

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  • Description: Project for the development of a commercial software with the same goal as Viscoplastic LBM, but providing more options and a graphical user interface for configuration and visualization of the simulation. Inspired by Sailfish, it is developed in Python combining Jinja2 for rendering templates, PyOpenCL to access GPU resources and SymPy for symbolical mathematics.

  • Duration: 2020 - currently

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Rail Maintainer NASSU

  • Description: Vehicle prototype for the maintenance of the screws of a rail, tightening them when they are loose. It uses sensors and motors combined with a Raspberry Pi for the vehicle control, along with an algorithm for screw detection through image processing.

  • Duration: 2019

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This site

  • Description: I developed this site to share a little bit of myself and my work. It uses Hugo and the theme Hugo-Coder by Luiz de Prá.

  • Duration: 2020

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